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GBIF brochure, 2014 edition - French

2014, November 7 - 17:43
A 6-page information brochure in Portuguese that provides a clear and concise overview of what GBIF is and does. The brochure includes short descriptions of the various areas of GBIF’s work and links to where people can go for further information.

GBIF brochure, 2014 edition - Portuguese

2014, November 5 - 16:10
A 6-page information brochure in Portuguese that provides a clear and concise overview of what GBIF is and does. The brochure includes short descriptions of the various areas of GBIF’s work and links to where people can go for further information.

Data Refinement Using the BioVeL Portal

2014, October 23 - 11:06
This practical guide explains the use of the BioVeL portal for biodiversity data quality assessment and cleaning. It is based on tutorials and practical exercises to guide the readers through the different functions offered by the portal. It also includes directions on how to use those operations over specific data domains. IMPORTANT NOTE: This document is up for public review until the 28 November 2014. More information in

GBits Newsletter no. 41

2014, October 10 - 12:00
October 2014

GBIF Public Symposium 2014 - Selected innovations in Biodiversity Informatics

2014, October 2 - 11:04
Tony Rees of CSIRO in Australia, recipient of the 2014 Ebbe Nielsen Prize, discusses the life and legacy of four biodiversity informatics tools he developed: C-squares, OBIS, Taxamatch and the Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera (IRMNG).

GBIG Public Symposium 2014 - GBIF Impacts

2014, October 2 - 11:01
Deputy director Tim Hirsch puts recent and upcoming developments at GBIF into the wider context of global biodiversity initiatives and activities.

GBIF Public Symposium 2014 - UK Overseas Territories Data access and Management

2014, October 2 - 10:56
Dr Steve Wilkinson, head of data services at the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and UK node manager, shares the story of a novel data-sharing project involving the UK Overseas Territories and led by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

GBIF Public Symposium 2014 - Ebbe Nielsen GBIF Challenge

2014, October 2 - 10:54
GBIF Science Committee chair Rod Page of the University of Glasgow announces the Ebbe Nielsen Challenge.

GBIF Public Symposium 2014 - Biodiversity & Human Innovation

2014, October 2 - 10:52
Dr Paul Oldham of Lancaster University's ESRC Centre for Economic and Social Aspect of Genomics outlines how integrating GBIF-mediated data with social and economic datasets provides a powerful means of understanding the role of biodiversity in innovation.

GBIF Public Symposium 2014 - Participation support

2014, October 2 - 10:49
Programme officers Mélianie Raymond and Olaf Banki report on how Participants are using GBIF as a framework for conducting capacity development actions.

GBIF Public Symposium 2014 - Databases & Invasion Biology Research

2014, October 2 - 10:46
Dr Maharaj Pandi of the University of Delhi discusses his research into how genetic and genomic traits influence both the rarity and invasiveness of plants.

GBIF Public Symposium 2014 - National Data Management Services in Ireland

2014, October 2 - 10:43
Liam Lysaght, director of Ireland's National Biodiversity Data Centre, offers examples of the nationwide services provided by the NBDC.

GBIF Public Symposium 2014 - GBIF helping to underpin food security

2014, October 2 - 10:38
Joana Magos Brehm of the University of Birmingham reviews the use of GBIF-mediated data in the conservation and utilization of crop wild relatives and how it contributes to the support of global food security.

GBIF Public Symposium 2014 - MERIT

2014, October 2 - 10:31
John La Salle, director of the Atlas of Living Australia, describes how this new tool captures information on environmental research for the Australian government, including biodiversity data, project management, management activities and social participation.

GBIF Public Symposium 2014 - GBIF Benin: Main Achievements, Priorities & Work Plan for 2015

2014, October 2 - 10:27
Dr Jean Ganglo, professor at the University of Abomey-Calavi and node manager of GBIF Benin, shares background on mobilizing biodiversity data in Benin.

GBIF Public Symposium 2014 - Biodiversity Data, Climate Change, and Emerging Infectious Disease

2014, October 2 - 10:22
Dr Healy Hamilton, chief scientist of NatureServe, discusses how interdisciplinary and macro-ecological analyses of species distributions can identify current and future locations at potential risk of zoonotic viruses emerging as infectious diseases that threaten the health and welfare of human communities.

GBIF today and tomorrow

2014, October 1 - 15:20
Slides describing recent and forthcoming enhancements to the global biodiversity information infrastructure at the opening of GBIF's Public Symposium 2014.

Species Geocoder

2014, September 30 - 10:59
The SpeciesGeoCoder software allows to plot species occurrences into polygons and more complex user-defined units (e.g. to know if the species are present in certain areas or study migration patterns). It can be used through the command-line, or through a simple graphical user interface. Basic documentation is provided through the project wiki. The software accepts occurrence data in the format provided by

Poster: GBIF nodes learning from each other, a trilateral mentoring project

2014, September 29 - 10:37
This poster summarizes key facts about the GBIF 2013 Mentoring project between the nodes of France, Portugal and Spain.