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Species Geocoder

2014, September 30 - 10:59
The SpeciesGeoCoder software allows to plot species occurrences into polygons and more complex user-defined units (e.g. to know if the species are present in certain areas or study migration patterns). It can be used through the command-line, or through a simple graphical user interface. Basic documentation is provided through the project wiki. The software accepts occurrence data in the format provided by

Poster: GBIF nodes learning from each other, a trilateral mentoring project

2014, September 29 - 10:37
This poster summarizes key facts about the GBIF 2013 Mentoring project between the nodes of France, Portugal and Spain.

Présentation: Publication de données de biodiversité au GBIF

2014, September 25 - 14:36
Cette présentation était développée par l’équipe de la ‘Belgian Biodiversity Platform’ dans le cadre d’un projet de mentorat GBIF avec les nœuds de la Mauritanie et le Togo. Elle contiens information basique sur le GBIF, la publication et l'utilisation des données sur la biodiversité.

Vesper: Visualising species archives

2014, September 18 - 16:52
This article describes the characteristics of Vesper, a piece of software that can analyze the contents of a Darwin Core archive using several quality-related criteria.

VeSPER, Client-side DwC-A Visualisation

2014, September 18 - 16:34
Vesper is a web based software application that can analyze the contents of a Darwin Core archive using several quality-related criteria. It provides results through graphics and maps that help the user to better understand the contents of the archive and where the potential issues may be.

Publishing Camera Trap Data: A Best Practice Guide

2014, September 18 - 15:00
This best practice guide aims to support managers and team members working in biodiversity projects with a camera trapping component. It gives recommendations on how to plan and execute the data capture and publishing components of those projects, making sure that they are compatible with existing international standards, such a those adopted by GBIF.

Message by the Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity on the occasion of GB21

2014, September 18 - 11:06
Message by Mr. Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, on the occasion of the twenty first meeting of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility Governing Board in New Delhi, India.

GBIF Annual Report 2013

2014, September 15 - 15:08
GBIF’s 2013 Annual Report summarizing progress and accomplishments for the year.

Establishing an Effective GBIF Participant Node

2014, September 12 - 17:03
This guide includes basic information about two key concepts for GBIF: our Participant nodes and the biodiversity information facilities. The text includes definitions, elements which need to be taken into consideration while building these structures, potential services, requirements and much more. NOTE: This is a draft version currently under public review. The final version is expected to be published by the end of 2014.

GBits Newsletter no. 40 (Simplified Chinese)

2014, September 12 - 15:29
August 2014

GBits Newsletter no. 40 (Traditional Chinese)

2014, September 12 - 15:24
August 2014

GBIF Public Symposium 2014 - Brochure

2014, September 10 - 11:00
Public symposium brochure.

Camera Base

2014, September 1 - 16:45
A tool based on MS Access to manage data associated to camera trap images.

GBIF Documentation Gap Analysis

2014, August 14 - 12:44
In 2014 and as part of the execution of GBIF Work Programme 2014-2016, the Secretariat carried out a review of all the documentation available to key audiences within the GBIF community. That analysis included the identification of relevant gaps, with the intention of covering them in future annual cycles. This document summarizes the process and includes a list of those documentation gaps.

Presentation: Responsibilities of Heads of Delegation on the GBIF Governing Board

2014, August 8 - 16:28
This presentation lists the responsibilities of the main representative of a Participant in GBIF: the Head of the Participant delegation on the GBIF Governing Board.

The GBIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit: Facilitating the Efficient Publishing of Biodiversity Data on the Internet

2014, August 8 - 15:11
GBIF staff and partners discuss the key need for the Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT), how it developed in response to community input, and how it continues to evolve to streamline and enhance the interoperability, discoverability and mobilization of new data types beyond basic Darwin Core records. Conclusion outlines the impact of the IPT on the biodiversity research community, highlights how it enhances data publishing in more traditional journal venues, and describes both new features implemented in the latest version and plans for future enhancements. Section on Global Data Trends

2014, August 8 - 13:10
This section of presents a series of analysis of the global dataset that is available through the GBIF network in the form of graphics. Up to 26 different views in 6 different categories are included at present. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section

2014, August 8 - 12:39
The Frequently Asked Questions section of gives answers the most common doubts and problems encountered by the main audiences of GBIF while interacting with the site or the organization.